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How to measure your cushions

Call for pricing on these special cuts
American Upholstery How to measure foam cushions

Add 1" to the size of foam so the cover will fit better, not wrinkle and be smooth. We need all of the letters filled in, and the kind of cushion you need ("l","t" or square). Don't forget the letter "t", that's how thick your cushion will be. If you have a rounded or curve shaped cushion cut a paper pattern and send to us to cut the foam by, you want the foam to be about 1" bigger than the cover so the cover will fit better.

To figure the price of the foam cushion example (square cushion) measure "a"-24" x "b"-24" x "t"-4" that's a 24" x 24" x 4" thick cushion multiply 24 x 24 x 4 =2304 divide by 144 = 16 board feet. Board feet x price of foam

All foam cushions are shipped with free slip film and instructions.